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Flame Detection:

These are not traditional smoke detectors, but are used for the immediate detection of actual hydrocarbon flames.  Today, Eltec pyroelectric detectors are the most cost effective, reliable and rugged flame detectors available.

Initially, check Eltec Models 40623, 405, 406M39, 441 and 446/446M11.

Explosive and Toxic Gas Monitoring; Medical Gas Monitoring:

Infrared is the best choice.  The sensors are environmentally isolated, have proven long term reliability and won’t get ‘poisoned’ by onions, silicones, or other unexpected trace gasses.

Consider Models 406, 406M39, 407, 407M24, 405, 405M6, the miniature 481 and 482, along with the twin-channel 459 and 479/479M1.  These Models are also a practical choice for ATR (attenuated total reflectance).

Lasers (pulsed or modulated):

Eltec is the OEM leader for pulsed medical laser monitoring.  Infrared is the most economical choice for pulsed/modulated lasers beyond 2 micrometers.  These sensors are perfect for 10.6 micrometers.  Their response is fast.  A beam splitter may have to be used for high power lasers.

Consider Models 420, 420M7 and 400.  Inquire about variants of Model 441 with integral transimpedance amplifiers.

Miniature High Value Resistors: 

Miniature high value (1 megohm to over 1 teraohm) chip and leaded resistors for low noise, high gain feedback resistors in transimpedance amplifiers, and high impedance load resistors in critical front-end circuits requiring low noise and low capacitance.  Please see our section on “High Megohm Resistors”.

Perimeter Security, Remote/Tactical Surveillance

Please see our section on “IR Thermal Telescopes”.


Consider Model 442-3 for the most compact people detector and Model 441-23 for a compact flame detector.

Industrial Control:

Consider Models 405 and 446/446M11.

Millimeter Waves:  

Consider Model 406 with a germanium, silicon, quartz or sapphire filter.


New applications are always being developed .....






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