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ELTECdata 100 - Introduction to Infrared Pyroelectric Detectors

ELTECdata 101 - Choosing and Using Pyroelectric Detectors

ELTECdata 102 - Frequency Dependency in Pyroelectric Detectors Incorporating a Voltage Follower

ELTECdata 103 - The Influence of Detector Active Area on Sensitivity and Noise Output of Pyroelectric Detectors

ELTECdata 104 - Achieving High Reliability in Passive Infrared Intruder Alarms with Lithium Tantalate Pyroelectric Detectors

ELTECdata 109 - Laser Detection with Lithium Tantalate Pyroelectric Detectors

ELTECdata 111 - High Megohm Thick Film Chip Resistors

ELTECdata 114 - Flame Detection/Study/Monitoring with Lithium Tantalate Pyroelectric Detectors

ELTECdata 116 - Notes on Apparent Temporal Baseline Shifts from Pyroelectric Detectors

ELTECdata 122 - Capacitance of ELTEC Thick Film Resistors

ELTECdata 126 - Some Notes on Conditional - and Other Factors Relative to the Evaluation of Eltec Passive Infrared Telescopes for Outdoor Intrusion Detection

ELTECdata 129 - ELTEC Testing of High Megohm Thick Film Resistors

ELTECdata 134 - Laser Pulse Detection: The Tradeoff between Pulse Resolution and Responsivity

ELTECdata 136 - Detector Amplifier Optimized for Flame Detection Frequencies

ELTECdata 138 - Computing the Relationship of Pyroelectric Detector Output to Gas Concentration

ELTECdata 147 - Passive Infrared Intruder/Vehicle Sensors - Outdoors/Severe Environments: Commercial Products (COTS)

ELTECdata 160 - Detector Optical Filter Information and Cosmetic Guidelines

ELTECdata 162 - ELTEC NDIR Filter Applications

ELTECdata 164 - Handling and Storage of ELTEC Detectors with Coated Filters

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