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Pyroelectric detectors respond to optical radiation at ANY wavelength which makes them potentially useful almost everywhere. Eltec's expertise is in making literally hundreds of different detector models tailored to meet exacting customer and/or application-specific requirements.  Some basic representative detector models are posted on this site to give an idea of the various types of detectors / detector styles available. Please note these are high performance instrumentation-grade detectors, not the devices in common lighting controls, household burglar alarms and other consumer products.


With over 40 years of experience in pyroelectric detector design and manufacture, Eltec Instruments, Inc. continues to be a leading supplier of both standard and custom detectors for a diverse range of critical infrared sensing applications, worldwide.  Eltec Instruments is a wholly American-owned U.S. corporation with all corporate administrative offices and manufacturing facilities located in Daytona Beach’s Central Business Park, Daytona Beach, Florida, USA.

Founded in 1969, the company’s initial products were specialized miniature chip resistors - from 1 megohm to over 1 teraohm.  Still offered commercially today, these resistors are characterized by low noise and low capacitance, making them especially suitable as feedback resistors in hybrid transimpedance amplifiers (the resistors have been used to a reported 4.2 Kelvin cryogenic temperature).

Linking a chip transistor to its specialized resistors, Eltec went on to develop and manufacture hybrid impedance converters.  Standard and custom hybrid impedance converters remain a continuing part of Eltec’s commercial product offering.

Then in 1975, we made the next step in vertical integration by adding a single-crystal lithium tantalate pyroelectric sensing element into the hybrid circuit; thus a complete hybrid pyroelectric detector (sensing element, high megohm load resistor and an N-channel JFET) in a TO-5 package with a bandpass-tailoring optical filter or window.  Detectors with integral high gain transimpedance amplifiers became available in 1977.  Since that time, our detector product base has expanded to include literally hundreds of different detector models, with various parameters tailored to meet specific requirements.

Homeland Defense / Security

In addition to its extensive detector component product line, Eltec produces a line of rugged exterior/outdoor sensing equipment incorporating specially-designed Eltec pyroelectric detectors: Eltec’s “IR-EYE” series of long range (~500 ft.) and intermediate range (~200 ft.) Passive Infrared Thermal Telescopes (sensors) for perimeter security, surveillance, border monitoring, asset protection and other Homeland Defense solutions.  Eltec’s long and intermediate range passive infrared thermal telescopes (sensors) are in use by all of the U.S. military service branches and numerous government agencies (as well as commercial/industrial end-users), with a proven history of long-term field reliability established over many years of operation in critical applications and deployments, worldwide. And while the fact that, since the tragic events of 9/11, our units have found even wider military and government application, Eltec infrared telescopes are readily available as commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products.  Modified and/or custom devices for specialized applications or requirements are also available on a special order basis.

We invite you to browse the information on this site, and contact us if you have any questions or wish to discuss potential applications for ELTEC products.  We look forward to working with you and meeting your sensor needs.

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